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Francesco Fontani – INAF- OA Arcetri

Astrochemistry in star-forming regions: the “kitchen” – Mercoledi 6 Febbraio 2019  ore 11:00, Aula IB09


Observations and theory agree that stars form in dense and compact regions within giant molecular clouds. During the formation of stars of all masses, the chemical composition gains increasing complexity, leading to the formation of complex molecules, including those important for life. It is now commonly accepted that the bricks of life in space are ubiquitous and tightly related to the star formation process. However, the details on when and how complex molecules form, and what is the heritage received by protoplanetary disks – the birthplace of planets – are still not clear. I will present observations of important molecular species in star-forming regions that bring precious information on how pre-biotic molecules may have been formed in molecular clouds. I will also discuss some implications of these studies on the origin of life on Earth

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