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Biophysics@Rome 2019

Biophysics across scales: from nano to macro

15 & 16 May 2019  (Free Admittance upon registration)

Sala Convegni CNR Via dei Marrucini (angolo Piazzale Aldo moro)

“When I think of new fields in science that have been opened, I don’t think of interdisciplinary teams combining existing skills to solve a defined problem – I think of single interdisciplinary people inventing new ways to look at the world”  Prof. Sean R. Eddy
This 4th Edition of Biophysics@Rome will build on the work of the previous editions in creating a common platform for “interdisciplinary people”, gathering expertise from intersecting fields. To this purpose, the 2019 edition will explore four different levels of living matter organization: MOLECULES, CELLS, TISSUES and ORGANISMS & SYSTEMS

Biophysics@Rome 2019 pdf


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