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Prof. Yasuhito Narita

Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Science, Graz, Austria


Electromotive force is a cross product of fluctuations between  the flow velocity and the magnetic field, and plays an important role in the dynamo mechanism. Electromotive force is one of the second-order fluctuation quantities like fluctuation energies or elicity quantities, but has so far drawn only little attention in the observational studies in situ in the solar system plasmas. I focus on the use of electromotive force as an observational tool to study turbulence and dynamo mechanism. An analysis method is developed for the electromotive force and the transport coefficients such as those for the alpha effect and the turbulent diffusivity. A test against a magnetic cloud event in the inner heliosphere using the Helios spacecraft data is presented. The electromotive force is enhanced together with the magnetic cloud event by 1 or 2 orders of magnitude, suggesting that the magnetic field can instantly and locally be amplified in the heliosphere.

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