The Istituto di Farmacologia Traslazionale offers the chance to visit its research laboratories and meet researchers working in the field of biomedicine. People attending the event will then enjoy a “brunch session” focusing on the topics that have grabbed visitors’ curiosity.

Date  27/09/2016


  • 09.30: Welcome & registration
  • 10.00: Labs visit in order to learn the research topics (oncology, innovative preventive/therapeutic strategies, regenerative medicine and stem cells, neurodegenerative disorders, infectious diseases, neurogenetics, “drug discovery”, regulatory aspects of the drugs). The main used technologies and equipment will be explained.
  • Ore 12:30 “Brunch session” focusing on the topics that have most attracted visitors’ curiosity.

Sector: Healthcare biotech


Location: Istituto di Farmacologia Traslazionale, Area di Ricerca Roma2 Tor Vergata Laboratori e Sala Conferenze – Via del Fosso del Cavaliere, 100

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In collaboration with: Istituto di Farmacologia Traslazionale