Electrode and Electrolyte Materials for Fuel Cells and Lithium Batteries

Electrode and Electrolyte Materials for Fuel Cells and Lithium Batteries

04 ottobre 2022 ore 15:30 - Aula IB09

Maria Assunta Navarra

Department of Chemistry, Sapienza University of Rome

Electrochemical systems, such as batteries and fuel cells, that can efficiently store and deliver energy on demand, are playing a crucial role in the present energy economy. In particular, lithium batteries (LiBs) and polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells are seen as the power sources of choice for sustainable transport, able to effectively guarantee the progressive diffusion of electric vehicles. In this talk, the activities, carried out in the group ENAM (Electrochemistry and Nanotechnologies for Advanced Materials) of the Chemistry Department at Sapienza University of Rome, will be presented, from materials synthesis to applications in lab prototypes. It will be discussed our approach in the search of bifunctional inorganic compounds (e.g., Ti-based metal oxides) as co-catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction, as well as additives in Nafion polymer electrolytes, for PEM fuel cells. The most recent achievements in the development of novel ionic liquids (ILs) and gel polymer electrolytes (GPEs) for high voltage LiBs will be also reported. It will be demonstrated that ILs and GPEs can widen the temperature range of applicability for the electrolytes, improve safety and stabilize the battery cyclability at high voltag

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